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Charcoal Drawing

Alley Way Confession

Alley Way Confession (charcoal original on 9 x 12" 14olb watercolor paper) Alley Way Confession was one of the first pieces I created when moving into this charcoal direction. This piece seems to elicit many thoughts from viewing this dream-like entity. Almost smirking to get something off his chest or to strike fear in the onlooker, there's something ominous in his gaze. The original was recently sold at my art exhibition, but now the print is available here. As with all my prints of my charcoal pieces, they are giclee and rated as archival printed on watercolor paper to mimic......

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Art Exhibition Synopsis

Well, as I am finally getting back to normal life (if there is such a thing for me), but my art exhibition this last weekend went amazing. The amount of time and energy I put into it was entirely worth it and I hope those in attendance enjoyed it. I want to thank everyone who came out for it (special thanks to the person who flew from LA and close friends for making the long trek) and got to see my video sculpture along with over a dozen new pieces and countless prints. Debuting over a dozen new charcoal originals......

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Meet me, view my art this weekend in York, Pennsylvania

[vc_custom_heading text="Like Foreplay to Annihilation: An Art Exhibition by Travis Trium Perfectum" font_size="32" font_weight="700" css_animation="fade"]After all the energy and work I have put into this show, it is time for you to bear witness to it. There hasn't been a day in months that I haven't been working on and towards this. Art is my life and I am cordially inviting you to take part in it this weekend. It would mean so much to me to be in the company of those who appreciate what I do and I am looking forward to seeing new and old faces alike.......

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