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Travis Trium Perfectum

Technicolor Hellscape: A Retrospective

After finally being somewhat recovered after the largest workload of my art career, it's now a pleasure to look back on what was Technicolor Hellscape. This exhibition pushed me further and further as a creator and the challenges were extreme. I had to trust myself and my process, the only thing I have ever been able to count on and it came through again. To see familiar faces and so, so many strangers come out, interact with and discuss my work was as rewarding as it gets for me. Sometimes I have felt passed over as an artist because people......

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The Final Sunrise in the Doorway of Extinction

The Final Sunrise in the Doorway of Extinction Charcoal, pastel, aged paper & writing on 18 x 24″ 140lb watercolor paper Will debut at my upcoming exhibition Technicolor Hellscape “I saw a hellscape. When the door opened, I watched my world end.” What does it mean to observe the inevitable? To see harm being done and realize it won't be stopped. The prescription seems to only be annihilation and as humans, we are well-versed. This is the face of acknowledgement of what is to come as the face looks through the door at you....

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Losing Faith in the Face Garden

Losing Faith in the Face Garden Charcoal, pastel, aged paper & writing on 18 x 24″ 140lb watercolor paper Will debut at my upcoming exhibition Technicolor Hellscape "My good thoughts drift away like my prayers to nowhere." You begin to lose hope in the ultimate blind agreement. You cultivate your friends' pasts as they remind you of the terrible things they went through as all of their prayers went unanswered as well. You wonder who you have been talking to all these years? You wave goodbye as you wonder if there was another way....

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Dread Central Covers Technicolor Hellscape

The horror giant, Dread Central is covering me and my solo exhibition, Technicolor Hellscape! Having a deep affinity for horror my whole life and my art always being dark with horror elements, it's an absolute honor to be covered by such a HUGE horror news outlet. Thank you so much for taking notice of my work and I look forward to the upcoming spotlight interview. You can read the full article here. I have put all of my being into this upcoming exhibition, so please come out and experience what I do September 15th, 16th and 17th at Ketchup City......

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A Piece Has Been Revealed For Technicolor Hellscape

Choosing Hat Person in the Infernal Region Charcoal & Pastel on 18 x 24″ 140lb watercolor paper Will debut at my upcoming exhibition Technicolor Hellscape No one is interested in the digital confession booth the church has implemented in the infernal region. Even in the afterlife these entities are still bombarded with the half-wit guilt the church likes to weigh individuals down with. Much like the golden calf of old, there is now a new and also real being to worship; hat person. The infernal region can now move on from the crippling grip of the church and hat person......

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I’ve Waited Patiently For You

Hi. September 15th-17th you will see into the hellscape and an entity awaits you. Please make your plans to be at my new exhibition, Technicolor Hellscape. Beyond many new charcoal & pastel pieces there will be a new immersive video installation piece. Technicolor Hellscape will open Friday, September 15th from 6-10pm followed by two other sequential days of viewing: September 16th from 12-7pm and September 17th from 12-5pm. Travis Trium Perfectum will be on hand all three days, so make your plans to see the medium blurring, dark art experience. Ketchup City Creative 612 Main Street Pittsburgh, PA 15215 RSVP......

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Art Exhibition Announcement

This September you are all cordially invited to my fourth solo exhibition, Technicolor Hellscape. Across three days you will witness this new dimension of hellish wonder, mark your calendars. Press release as follows. ▾BREAKING▾ Travis Trium Perfectum brings his distinct, dark art experience to Ketchup City Creative September 15th, 16th and 17th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Technicolor Hellscape is a new exhibition and will shine a spotlight on many new dark surrealism color pieces from the near exclusively black and white artist. "You'll see a bit of a shift in my direction and how you view my work. The worlds are......

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