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Travis Trium Perfectum

The Third Time’s A Harm

The Third Time's a Harm Charcoal on 18 x 24″ 140lb watercolor paper Available – Inquire for details here: The number three has always been very prominent throughout time in creativity and beyond. It has become a reoccurring theme in my work as well. The backbone of story telling is having a beginning, middle and end. Three represents completion in many ways including the birth, life, death cycle and of course the trinity in many religious mythos. I wanted to unfurl the concept and explore what it means to overindulge in something. To be pulled to keep going back......

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The Onlooker Waits For Me to Bleed

The Onlooker Waits For Me to Bleed Charcoal, aged paper, type, collage with vintage photo on 18 x 24″ 140lb watercolor paper Available – Inquire for details here: Type reads as follows: I know you wanted better for me, but that doesn't change what you get. I was set in motion of emotional disorder and expected to be orderly, but I split the difference. I made my way to the disorderly line where I met my friends, trauma and knife-play. Was this the better you wanted from me? Carving my future right above the knee....

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The Holy Ascension of Spit

The Holy Ascension of Spit Charcoal, aged paper, handwriting on 18 x 24" 140lb watercolor paper Available A fragile and vulnerable entity is commanded to spit into the right hand of an unseen being in this chaotic, surreal scene. Handwriting scatters around the emission reading, "You had such promise. Make me into something worth destroying. Fill me up with your emptiness that I created. I like watching you dry slowly. The light in your eyes dims, spit by spit."...

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