GRIND is a cosmic horror comedy about a group of college students holding a grindhouse film festival. The students uncover a cursed arthouse film called The Creeping Chaos and make the mistake of playing the film and unleashing absolute chaos.

Travis Trium Perfectum was approached by writer/director Mark Cantu about getting involved in the film and it was a rather short conversation. “Crossing paths with Mark this past year was a great thing, said Perfectum. He came out to my art exhibition and seemed to have a direction in mind for GRIND that he thought I was a great fit in helping to create. That grew into creature design, something I have always had an interest in. Match made in cosmic hell. It was an easy decision.”

Grind is set to begin shooting at the end of 2024, but the Indiegogo is live now. Please consider donating to this project as the cast and crew are passionate and reaching the budget goal allows a no compromise approach.

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