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The Second Series Is Here

VISIT THE ONLINE STORE TO PURCHASE THE SECOND SERIES HERE The Second Series of my physical art is here! The Second Series contains six new releases with three landing in the coveted "Perfectum Edition" tier, limiting those to just nine. It feels amazing to finally unveil these new works as I have worked tirelessly on the details so that these pieces could be represented properly in their final shape. I always concentrate on letting the moods of these works be at the heart of each piece and I'm never finished until that fully manifests. My ambition and intention is always......

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Elegant Damnation

"Your features spiral as I cut your feeble spine. You fall so gracefully, an excerpt of an imitation. Reflecting what's left, never right. An elegant damnation. Bad decision, bad incision. Compelling-bloodletting, but never forgiven." I don't watch your movements. I don't find you compelling enough to define. I don't find you necessary. I don't find you at all. A walking miscarry. Late term and not on your own terms, an intelligence decline. Red seeps into view threatening my melancholy totality. You're all cut up, but never deep enough for me to enjoy your show. Beg me to open you up,......

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Color of Misery

"Your texture is tear-dried, the color of misery catching the sun. I know if I'm larger than this life there's no need for the next one." You're kneeling so empty and I'm here to take what's left. My branches thinning, but growing. Ripping little holes in the skies, in the heavens. I'm piercing purity and letting it mix with my curses and it's time for you to drink. Your prayers scale my limbs hoping to sneak in, but the weight of your wants always overwhelms those of your needs and you fall like leaves. Leaving is the hardest to do.......

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Affection’s Ashtray

"My mind knows I need you used to the abuse so you will be of use. Lean in or lean away? Lips bitterly divorce, affection's ashtray. Ear to mouth, I long to hear your organs and filth. Your future scales my ear, a pulsing premonition-cyst. I let you taste my neck like the thirst for knowledge, but I see all your salvation marks, Adam's apple promise." Emotions leak through a smoke staircase, floating towards the heavens like little cancer prayers. My neck-strings stretch as I slant my head in an ache-filled direction. Does this help me think? Does this make......

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Take Them Home

"Soothe my curse, take them home..."  For the very first time you will have the opportunity to own my pieces physically. It was very, very important to me that these works reflect my attention to detail and are of the highest quality and unrelenting nature that I always strive for with everything that I create. To see these ideas and thoughts in front of me and be able to hold them in such a way has been very satisfying for me as an artist. I truly hope to those interested in purchasing my work that you will feel very much......

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Makeshift-Memory Pool

"Lean into my voice, your choice has elapsed. The days falling endlessly into a makeshift-memory pool. The wreckage-evidence evidently salvaged by words igniting passions on the tongues of the burned. You're optimistically and autonomically submerged in a lungs half-full depravity. I will describe this in a thousand words, a thousand ways until the right phrase absorbs the reddest parted respiratory sea." Time is meaningless for something like me, but one year ago I was salvaged by words. Submerged in a makeshift-memory that I more so created than even what actually was. Isn't the memory always better than the moment? The......

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Timeless Chapter

The weather has finally turned cold just when I thought the heat may never end. To me, there has always been something special about fall that I have continually aligned with the peak of creativity. It has a smell that lends itself to being easily attached to memory and that can't magnify the good and bad. Fall is a bookmark for me. A re-readable almost timeless chapter that seems to repeat where the characters may change and the ideas become more refined, but it has undeniably the same arousing feel. Since the release and announcement of IAMUNLIKEYOU back on the......

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IAMHOME – Welcome

As I sit here writing this in seclusion on a night I've waited so very long for, it's quite surreal. The moon is almost full and you will be reading this then. It's easy to say that I have survived a lot to get to this point as an artist, but it's harder to put into words the honor, privilege and most of all responsibility I feel to continue to create thought-provoking work for myself and for whoever is reading this. Tonight is the culmination of every night I chose my pen over sleep. It's for the days I could......

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Word Sculptures

"My days are numbered now, but never counted down. The symbolism is exposed, but still no one knows. My blistered fingers wrapped around a pen where emotion lingers. Word by fucking word, I smash them into sculptures. May 23rd, May 23rd." I can only you hope you welcome me back with open arms, the way I would you with a cold embrace. My lips sealed for too long, now they're longing for the taste. Counter-clockwise, my thoughts circle to me. Opening up my mind and it's almost time for the world to see. These are my miseries to show, my......

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