Like Foreplay to Annihilation - An Art Exhibition by Travis Trium Perfectum

Well, as I am finally getting back to normal life (if there is such a thing for me), but my art exhibition this last weekend went amazing. The amount of time and energy I put into it was entirely worth it and I hope those in attendance enjoyed it. I want to thank everyone who came out for it (special thanks to the person who flew from LA and close friends for making the long trek) and got to see my video sculpture along with over a dozen new pieces and countless prints. Debuting over a dozen new charcoal originals was quite satisfying. Those who purchased an original or a print, I am overwhelmingly thankful for your support in my creations. This was a HUGE weekend for me and to receive so many compliments, purchases and genuine reactions makes me incredibly optimistic moving forward.

A huge thanks to Lauren at The Dark Parlourย for having me again and allowing me the freedom to do what I do in your space. My work will be on display until the end of November, so if you missed it, please consider stopping by to wander The Dark Parlour and check it out.

Like Foreplay to Annihilation Video Walkthrough

Like Foreplay to Annihilation Trailer

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