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Fine Art


"Don't forget about me and I won't harm you. Harm is something that should be savored and maybe you want that. Whisper to me the type of harm you obsess over and I'll become it. Shape-shift, make-shift, torment-tastes like homemade kneels. Concealed-spread like bible pages between your thighs, paragraph-(f)lies. Dripping in what you forgot you wanted, seduced by my tonality in the mind I fucking haunted. Rid yourself of me? I stick like thick lines of spit holding together your happiness. Be careful what you wish." I'm obsessed with the way you kneel, the way you tuck your feet. The......

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Goodbye 2019

I went through all my work and marked my favorite lines I wrote this year. I then created a musical composition and read the lines at random, letting the moment after I hit the record button dictate to me which were right for my one minute retrospective. The video contained also exclusively revolves around only my work in 2019. This is what came to the surface and I wanted to share it with all of you. I battle with looking back at the things I've accomplished because I feel it can take away from what you should be focused on......

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Exhibition Synopsis

All the preparations and sleep I lost finally came to a head and was quite worth it. I debuted multiple new pieces including two new 24" x 36" canvases along with a walk through writing piece installation revealing the noose-bouquet and unsettling video installation inside. Beyond these new works, my more notable pieces hung surrounding the viewers reminding them of the path I took to get here. I can't thank Lauren at The Dark Parlour enough for inviting me into her lovely space and being such an amazing host. She truly allows the artists to be themselves and gave me......

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It’s time: York, PA 11/15 & 16

I get asked what I do quite frequently and I've never been able to give a perfect answer. It's vast and unpredictable. An ever-widening dangerous spectrum that takes me to any medium I deem fit. I've been called a visual poet, a word sculptor, but on November 15th & 16th at The Dark Parlour in York, Pennsylvania, you can decide for yourself. Meet me and experience my art in its true ominous nature, live. Make your plans, my solo art exhibition is free and all my work will be available for purchase. November 15th 7pm - Midnight November 16th 12pm......

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Solo Art Exhibition

Many of you who follow me on social media are probably aware that I have accepted the invitation from The Dark Parlour in York, Pennsylvania to host my first solo art exhibition this fall. This opportunity is an honor for me and it came along at the exact right time. The owner asked what I needed from her to say yes and get the dates booked and I said, without hesitation, "full creative control of the room." "Of course," she replied.  I have since traveled out there and to get a feel of The Dark Parlour's gallery space and appropriate......

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Beautiful Burdens

"I'm reaping future memories where your pale flesh reflects like the moon. Soon, soon we will gain knowledge few have known. I like watching you trace it, taste it. I want you tucked in, deep down laying in layers like steep steps leading to the happiness you buried. We're such beautiful burdens in three hour increments, but don't forget, love is a dangerous threat." I like when you open the drawers of your guarded thoughts for me to ponder. Five years for our words to ring, to echo and loop as this place is so empty. The perfect backdrop for......

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The Second Series Is Here

VISIT THE ONLINE STORE TO PURCHASE THE SECOND SERIES HERE The Second Series of my physical art is here! The Second Series contains six new releases with three landing in the coveted "Perfectum Edition" tier, limiting those to just nine. It feels amazing to finally unveil these new works as I have worked tirelessly on the details so that these pieces could be represented properly in their final shape. I always concentrate on letting the moods of these works be at the heart of each piece and I'm never finished until that fully manifests. My ambition and intention is always......

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Silhouette of Feeling

"You hang on my every word. Your body sways on the syllables, a lifeless silhouette of feeling. You wish for another passage. One you don't escape to, but rather escape from." I've read all your crumbled thoughts, your wishes. I've watched them all die, like starving children god gracefully forgot. Your figure, just a silhouette of feeling outlined in my mind. You hang on my every word clutching to a life wrapped in warm, welted harm. You want to be bent to my will and that's what I will continue to do. You think you keep coming back, but I've......

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Elegant Damnation

"Your features spiral as I cut your feeble spine. You fall so gracefully, an excerpt of an imitation. Reflecting what's left, never right. An elegant damnation. Bad decision, bad incision. Compelling-bloodletting, but never forgiven." I don't watch your movements. I don't find you compelling enough to define. I don't find you necessary. I don't find you at all. A walking miscarry. Late term and not on your own terms, an intelligence decline. Red seeps into view threatening my melancholy totality. You're all cut up, but never deep enough for me to enjoy your show. Beg me to open you up,......

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