After all this time, THE THIRD SERIES is here! These particular set of pieces were born out of my obsession with detail, quality and conceptual continuity. I wanted to deliver upon these in excess and I knew THE THIRD SERIES would be very, very special because of that. The number three is quite significant and its importance to me as an artist is immeasurable. It’s the foundation of story telling; a beginning, middle and end. It’s at the heart of many fictional deities, most well known, the holy trinity. It has always crept into my work, my name and the rule of thirds in which is one of the few visual rules I hold sacred. I could go on and on, but I won’t because today is about these new works and I will be celebrating that. This is by far the most pieces I have ever released at once and the most diverse. All created and translated with quality and mood at the forefront. From beautiful archival bright white giclee prints guaranteed to outlive us to archival large canvas releases that are the epitome of uncompromised and even a limited edition poster. Each piece also comes with a title card with the piece details on the front and the writing piece in full on the back. I have sacrificed so much of my time, energy and spared no expense to these so please know there is a part of me I am giving to you when you purchase one. I stand behind every one of these works and I am so fucking proud to be able to share these with all of you.

I have burnt the candle at both ends and am on very little sleep for many days now, so I will leave you with THE THIRD SERIES!

Love for those deserving, always!

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