The next release of physical pieces from dark artist and visual poet, Travis Trium Perfectum will be out May 26th, 2021. THE THIRD SERIES will be the largest issue to date featuring 10 titles with some released in a multitude of sizes and mediums. “I am so very proud of this installment of my works, said Travis Trium Perfectum. It’s ambitious, it’s grandiose, it’s elegant and evil, but most importantly, it’s compelling. I finally feel that this series of releases truly embodies the multimedium experience that makes what I do interesting and unique. From Parting Martyrs in Myxoma, my video sculpture, to my premium quality canvas releases, this truly has something attractive for all those who appreciate what I create. I am obsessed with immersing my audience’s senses and I think these pieces reflect that.” As with every release, quality is of top concern and priority. Every piece, at every price point, will deliver upon that without doubt. THE THIRD SERIES from Travis Trium Perfectum will be out May 26th, 2021. [view available pieces from first and second series here]

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