“A wish is only worth the lips it comes off of. Cracked and split, cracked and split. Candlelit tarnished reds, a new color provoked and frailty dipped. What good is obsession restrained? What good is a god obeyed?”

A new color wraps your face gently as a wish splinters from thought to mouth. Nothing left here to save, nothing left to amount. Sit and waste, waste and spit. Lips betray thine self between love resisted. Persist through knowledge, abusive god resisted. Taste your blood? That’s what it means to be human. Scared of death and to it from a man-made delusion.

**4.2.21 UPDATE**
I’m here to interrupt “good Friday” with a little evil and blasphemy that has always been a part of my charm. Cracked & Split is a track that I am very proud of and is probably the most well-rounded song I have done. I have combined many genre-bending elements that seem to harness and cradle the mood and my words very appropriately. Please, please take a deep listen and consider purchasing this track. The last year was hard on all of us, but especially for artists like myself. So, whether you give $6.66 or $16.66 or even $66.60, know that you are my lifeblood and I thank you for your support. You keep me creating and I love each and every one of you for that. [listen and purchase by clicking the “buy” button above]

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