Today marks a symbolic beginning of a new age in my work. I’ve always said that art is the only freedom we will ever know. It challenges convention, explores dangerous thoughts and spreads them across an audience encouraging conversation/growth. Yet, in these modern times, I’m seeing a public outcry escalate for art being censored and policed. Condemning ideas, concepts, film scripts, fictional characters/scenes and attempting to place limits around what we can or should explore. I take that threat very, very personally as an artist. Art is either fully free or not at all. Trust me when I say that when I create something, I do it because I am compelled to and whether it is offensive to someone is no matter. Art makes people think, question and react. My art always sat nicely within a niche group of people who appreciate what I do and I am very proud of that. This new era will explore the human condition further from trauma to happiness. Also my medium spectrum will widen even further like a mouth swallowing you whole. This era will be chaotic and very volatile. I will be releasing more works and thoughts in more ways than ever before. I want something seamless and even more raw. This isn’t just another step, it’s a stomp in a domain I will claim. Art is always best when it’s dangerous.

Art is threatening. Art is fatal. Art is beautifully unstable. Welcome to The Age of Dangerous Art.
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