The Fathers of Undoing: A Visitation is a video installation mixing a multitude of mediums creating a visual and auditory experience. A chaotic tandem of three video sources combined with a spoken word musical composition and a hanging tapestry spilling to the floor make up this unique piece. Comprised of three 4k monitors granting the visitation and bringing to life three charcoal pieces (Prognostication of Susceptibility, Conception of Esoteric Undoing and The Third Time’s a Harm). This work definitely borders on new ground pushing the original physical works beyond their identity making this a bizarre innovation. “The idea that art is neverending and that a static art piece, these charcoal works in this instance, could be brought to life in a different medium intrigued me, said Perfectum. I wanted to push myself and allow these pieces to have a chance to live and breathe in this looping narrative. I was obsessed with what that would look like. There were many technical challenges beyond the continuous creative ones in this process. When you’re creating something that is unique to your concept and idea, there isn’t an instruction manual. That’s how you know you’re exploring new ground and I revel in that challenge. I try to let my ideas lead me to where they need to go and worry about the technical aspects last. I want my work to be displayed and viewed without limitation or compromise and this piece is a true representation of that.” Hanging below the monitors is an entity that seems to flow out of the visitation and into the physical world. The silhouette is the opposite of the one in the video to symbolize a reflection; a dimensional exit. The legs stretch onto the floor, creeping at the viewers feet making you bound to this mirrored experience. It allows the viewer to be one with the gateway; captive. At seven feet tall and nine feet wide, this ominous piece becomes the largest in Perfectum’s history.

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