Your Tears Will Not Put Me Out, 2021
1080 x 1920 HD Looping Video
Photography, video, handwriting, editing all by Travis Trium Perfectum

With my genesis NFT I wanted to create a self-portrait of sorts, but it really is a commentary on being an artist in general. To me, art has always been about pushing yourself, in healthy and unhealthy ways alike. The line “find something you love and let it kill you” certainly comes to mind. Those closest to you and people who follow your work can and will be affected by what you do to yourself to continue to create, but their tears will never be able to put you out. It’s inside you and you must continue no matter who it hurts or helps. That’s the life of the artist and that’s my introduction and finality.

Formed and constructed to loop, it symbolically gestures to the idea that there is no beginning or end and only a continuous cycle that is the creative process. Relentless and dangerous as it is beautiful.

Your Tears Will Not Put Me Out
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