Lay Waste to Your Memory

Charcoal & original writing on aged paper on 9 x 12″ 140lb watercolor paper – Available at upcoming tour dates

“I have waited so long to lay waste to your memory. Amongst the wind, amongst the trees, I live repercussion free. I tried to chase you away, I tried to chase you free, but the trauma path you were on only bled you to me. I must end what I started, focus on the relief or it will just be harder. We know, between you and me, the stars light your final pose. You were never meant to be.”

You held my mind long enough to damage us both. You kept scratching at the moment you wanted to recreate, that feeling only giving way to memory. You heard my words, but refused to listen closely. Focus on the relief as I cut away the strings, you knew I’d always sever you free.

Art Charcoal Drawing Fine Art Poetry Writing Piece

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