“I really do despise the sun, but I would follow you into it.”

Words muttered to a person that may not remember, but that’s not important. I’d say them again and again and introduce them to all of your personalities. The emotion lingers and the wind whimpers. Peace and chaos wrapped around each other so passionately, but I know I gave you comfort. Your eyes tired of fighting and my mind still ultimately inviting. Words that could never be rehearsed and a happiness that may have always been cursed. A curse that I know intimately and one that The Devil fell in love with. Sleep and taste death on my lap and I’ll ease your head, running my fingers through the misery and happiness that seems to know me and you all too well. In that moment we are one, a powerful contrast I may never know again. Unspoken and beautiful in a way I could never ever dream of forgetting. Rest your mind because I made you immortal and our chance is forever. You know where to find me and you know what you’ll get.

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