It’s my birthday and I’ve reached the 35th chapter of a life I continue to take more and more control over. That’s the key to happiness, do what you love as much as you can and don’t let this life dictate shit to you. Do what you want and challenge yourself continually and you’ll achieve the utmost pride and pleasure. I’ve spent so much time in this creative space the past year and created many pieces all climaxing to my solo art exhibition. This upcoming year, even with the obvious circumstances, I plan on making the most of the time apart from the world. Creating new and interesting concepts and bringing pieces to life in unique ways, much like my latest piece, Parting Martyrs in Myxoma. I choose this life and I choose to continue to translate the human condition. Thank you all who have supported me in my happiness and gotten some from it as well, I love you wonderful people. Here’s to another year of not letting this life dictate to you.

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