“Without explanation, without warning the days grow colder, longer. They say these are the moments that will make me better, stronger. Such an unconscious statement by a mind that has never been honest. I have the heart to say when I felt weaker, bleaker and those were my fondest.”

There is something hidden deep within emotional honesty that I think many don’t see and if they do, they fear it. The moment where we submit to a feeling and allow ourselves to be human, to grow and in turn the ability to be burned alive. To allow ourselves to beautifully succumb to the moment around us where we are truly at the mercy of it and are through fighting with our egos, ourselves. If you are brave enough to get to that point, to fully grasp when that moment occurs, then and only then will you have the ability to reach your full potential. You won’t though. Humans are cowards. Emotional honesty is dead. Prove me wrong, I beg of you. Even if you end up a pile of ash, you cannot deny the beauty of the flames.

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