“Aimless, I am aimless. Still a target of precise prescription pushing pills wrapped in your definition of better days. This is subjective and not my best subject. Graded by a sliding scale of grace rejecting all those within. This is your definition of better days wrapped in pills that I only chew and spit.”

Sitting in my creative space, letting time dictate the distance to what’s next.

Aimless is something I loathe being. Too many ideas and half thoughts waiting for expansion. I am so close to realizing some of my best concepts, but nothing can be forced. These moments make me feel helpless and angry, mostly at myself for not realizing these thoughts into the reality they will inevitably end up in quicker. I hate the wait. I want to work myself to the bone. Even to myself, I am opposition and when I go to war with myself, it’s endless.

I am working towards a few larger projects and should be able to announce them soon along with a few other news-worthy notes that are close to being etched in stone. Don’t forget about me and I won’t forget about you.

Feed It Once

Feed It Once - Content

Feed It Once debuted at my solo art exhibition this past November. This piece will be available to you upon release of my Third Series of physical pieces. Release date is forthcoming.

Diary Photography Thoughts

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