“Life, for someone like me, will always be a struggle. There’s no safety net for what I do and who I am and I like it that way.”

Being born into a world I rarely agree with is exhausting and because of that, I have a constant pressure to create my own. I don’t remember the last time my mind and my intentions were so clear and personal happiness within reach. I feel like I’m constantly in chase towards that, even in the years that were the most miserable. I feel like I weather what I am daily. To know much of the world is against the artist only makes what I do that much more important to me. I know what I say and what I do is feared and it should be. I hate your fucking world and what it attempts to impose upon me, so consider me an enemy to it. This is why I’ve been working incessantly on my own. This larger project that I have been eluding to is coming along, but I am obsessed with details and that is the stage that it is in. A date will surface soon marked by a moon that will light your poisoned breadcrumb path. Follow the bodies and knock three times.

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