After finally being somewhat recovered after the largest workload of my art career, it’s now a pleasure to look back on what was Technicolor Hellscape. This exhibition pushed me further and further as a creator and the challenges were extreme. I had to trust myself and my process, the only thing I have ever been able to count on and it came through again. To see familiar faces and so, so many strangers come out, interact with and discuss my work was as rewarding as it gets for me. Sometimes I have felt passed over as an artist because people didn’t know where I fit. Sometimes it seemed like people were almost too overwhelmed at the wide palette of mediums I operate within. You have to stick to what makes you happy as an artist and allow yourself to create the way you want, always. My differences are my strengths and the way I deploy what I do is something I revel in. If I end up being a niche of a niche, so be it. I don’t think my work fits in well with many other artists and I’m proud of that, but these three days it truly felt like my work was understood for its depth and my unique vision was fully respected. From all my new color pieces that were the focus of Technicolor Hellscape to the entities within them coming to life in my all new immersive video and auditory installation, I Saw A Hellscape, it just felt like the height of my passion for details and conceptual continuity perfectly at play. I want to thank everyone who took the time to come out and experience what I do, it means a lot to me. I’ve only ever wanted my work to be experienced by those who appreciate what I do and it feels amazing to be finding many of you. Thank you for making this exhibition my greatest success to date and being a part of a new dimension of hellish wonder! I also want to thank Nancy at Ketchup City Creative for opening her doors to me and allowing me present my work completely uncompromised. This show felt like a rather large culmination of the amount of work I’ve put in and it felt really, really fucking satisfying.

I know many messaged and commented wanting to see more of the new video installation piece, I Saw A Hellscape. I did devote a night to shooting pro quality video of it and will be editing up a video that I hope will do it justice for those that can only experience it online. It’s a tall order because this one had so many elements within it not to mention the viewing composition being from a multitude of angles along with three different video sources, physical props etc… I will be releasing a date for that release in the coming weeks.

Again, thank you to everyone who continues to support what I do.

Photos by Benjamin Brady

Please check out the article and review from Pittsburgh’s Art Scene Magazine Petrichor HERE

Video Trailer for the Exhibition

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