On this day, my birthday, July 14th, every year I usually take a little time to reflect on the year that was and decide if I accomplished what I set out to do. This was one of the few years I can look back fully satisfied with everything that I have done. I’m usually very hard on myself and always want to accomplish more, which isn’t a bad quality, but can be a bit exhausting for me at times. My thirty-third year marked my full return as an artist with the launch of IAMUNLIKEYOU, the umbrella in which all my creations can live and breathe under. With all of my writings, visuals and sound that I created with every piece, I also was finally able to translate my work to physical pieces that ended up in over a dozen states and multiple countries since this past January. I’m not sure I could be more thankful for those that have stood by me during my long-term battle with depression a couple years back to get to this point, but quite frankly I’m tired of talking about that. I’ve fucking conquered it and I’m ready for more. I’m ready to push myself even further to fully realize what I am capable of during my existence on this planet. I am very, very proud of my work this past year and the time and thought I have put into all of my pieces, but I am ultimately beyond grateful to those who continue to come back to experience what I do. Thank you all for your messages and comments regarding my work or just to express your excitement for an upcoming piece or whatever. I promise I never take it for granted.

My thirty-fourth year should contain many new experiences for me as an artist and I’m ready to answer and expand upon every challenge and concept my mind will inevitably manifest. I am set to meet with someone within the next month to confirm a very important first for me as an artist and if all things go well, I will be sharing that with you all soon. Here’s to another year of making this life tolerable and interesting enough to stick around.

As always, love for those deserving… and that’s certainly you if you read this.

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