The Second Series of my physical art is here! The Second Series contains six new releases with three landing in the coveted “Perfectum Edition” tier, limiting those to just nine. It feels amazing to finally unveil these new works as I have worked tirelessly on the details so that these pieces could be represented properly in their final shape. I always concentrate on letting the moods of these works be at the heart of each piece and I’m never finished until that fully manifests. My ambition and intention is always to be an alterer of moods and I think this series embodies that. It would be my absolute pleasure to get you a piece from this new collection and my hope is it becomes something you look at daily for years to come.

The new pieces include:
We Mustn’t Rush [Antique Frame Release]
A Flower Poses in Purgatory [Framed Metallic Art Print]
Life Remedy [Framed Metallic Art Print]
Elegant Damnation [Perfectum Edition – Limited to Nine]
Affection’s Ashtray [Perfectum Edition – Limited to Nine]
Copper-Flavored Affection [Perfectum Edtion – Limited to Nine]

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