“If you didn’t relive your past traumas, you wouldn’t live at all. Teeth gliding against your skin tainting truth pigments. Your teeth only grind. A jaw embrace, the only love you fucking knew. A jagged-jaded hug harming whatever it circles stalked by copper-flavored affection. Time only deprives purity from life  and I’m gonna leak you dry.”

Time only deprives purity from life. Whisper it under your breath. Words sinking to the weight of your oxygen taking you much lower. What is the thought that made you realize that after having it you would never be the same? Was the moment bookmarked between thought-pages or the initial bruising between blood stages? It’s interesting when these moments begin to stack like incisors clenched showing a jagged love between breaths. How many times will a thought manifestroy your current disposition? I remember once I ran my hands along a notion and it melted in such a way that it seemed like it pulled away. Maybe that was you. Maybe you were the thought. My hands along your arms, fingering the scars that came before me. The realities you took with you or did they take you? Hair refusing to grow in the copper-flavored trenches like ecstasy fences to your sympathy show. Does it scare you when I put it this way? Remorse is not something I flirt with, no chemistry there. I’ve never been more comfortable sitting in your trauma-replay booth, cursing the gods and playing with your hair. Between your smooth, human psyche split ends I realized you were born here and you mourn here, but tonight I’m just bored here.

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