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Succumb To

Succumb To Charcoal, Aged Paper & Pastel on 18 x 24″ 140lb watercolor paper Sold - This was a very personal and rare commissioned piece I created for a friend The swirling blacks and colors tighten to form a keyhole of sorts, representing a final doorway or passage. The aged paper reads "And isn't death the sweetest kiss of all. One that we must succumb to, one that's without end."...

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The Lost Color of Empathy

The Lost Color of Empathy Charcoal, Aged Paper & Pastel on 18 x 24″ 140lb watercolor paper Currently available here Faced with a foreign color, this entity begins to feel life in its gaze. This color is empathy and fairly unrecognizable. (The words on the aged paper read "Settled within a lost recollection is the lapsed color of empathy.")...

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The Fathers of Undoing: A Visitation

The Fathers of Undoing: A Visitation is a video installation mixing a multitude of mediums creating a visual and auditory experience. A chaotic tandem of three video sources combined with a spoken word musical composition and a hanging tapestry spilling to the floor make up this unique piece. Comprised of three 4k monitors granting the visitation and bringing to life three charcoal pieces (Prognostication of Susceptibility, Conception of Esoteric Undoing and The Third Time’s a Harm). This work definitely borders on new ground pushing the original physical works beyond their identity making this a bizarre innovation. “The idea that art......

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The Third Time’s a Harm Opens

Well, what a way to open my third exhibition! Thank you to everyone who took time out of their lives, traveled far and of course, purchased a piece from my opening this past Friday. The Third Time's a Harm exhibition is something I haven't stopped working on in months and it was beautiful for the chaos to come together in such a way. Being surrounded by people who appreciate my work was something I am very thankful for. The Fathers of Undoing: A Visitation (my latest video installation) seemed to steal the show creating a video and auditory experience that......

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Art Exhibition Opens Friday

Prepare for The Third Time's a Harm by watching the trailerWell, after months of work, it's here. This Friday, The Third Time's a Harm officially opens to the public! This exhibition encompasses five years of work along with a lot of new pieces being revealed for the first time. Speaking of being revealed, my new large-scale video installation (The Fathers of Undoing: A Visitation) will take the stage at KSD & The Radio Room to create a visual and auditory experience. I've put everything I have into this show and I encourage anyone in the area or willing to make......

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The Moonlight Smothered My Pure Thoughts

The Moonlight Smothered My Pure Thoughts Charcoal & Collage on 18 x 24" 140lb watercolor paper Original Available Here 16 x 20″ Giclee Print on Premium Watercolor Paper Print Available Here The night tastes different, speaking in tongues. Purity shatters so beautifully, watch it spider. When morning seeps through the curtains, you'll wonder why you ever untied her....

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An Honest Flag

An Honest Flag It's not really me to sit idly by. Whenever I feel compelled to do something, I do it. It's easy to feel helpless during these times, but I always fall back on what I do and have to offer. I wanted to create and say something I was feeling and something that in turn may help even but a little. The last two supreme court rulings, the overturning of Roe v Wade followed by allowing teacher/staff lead prayers in public schools, have solidified the urgency for a more accurate flag. "An Honest Flag" was the outcome, something much......

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