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Writing Piece

Prepared to Drown

"You are especially empty and dying to be full. Caring about the things that never mattered and not the ones that pull. Quit testing the fucking waters not being prepared to drown. The days of worth have come and gone and you never made a sound." Here we are on the sixty-sixth minute past the hour of six. I signaled your warning and now you chose to be here and that is very special to me. This isn't for everyone, but it was made for you. Scattering words around combatting all of my unrest until this disorder is through. The......

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Except for this Knife

"They say that time heals all, then why is the second hand cutting me? Reminding me of all the times your hand was in mine and my second hand was only killing time. The closer to death, the closer to life and my second hand was always empty except for this knife." I know what I wield and I know all the words that wield me. Carrying and begging me to take the time that others kill so cowardly. When people say "killing time" it always implies that it is a waste. I'd like to take control of the clock......

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