“Soothe my curse, take them home…”
 For the very first time you will have the opportunity to own my pieces physically. It was very, very important to me that these works reflect my attention to detail and are of the highest quality and unrelenting nature that I always strive for with everything that I create. To see these ideas and thoughts in front of me and be able to hold them in such a way has been very satisfying for me as an artist. I truly hope to those interested in purchasing my work that you will feel very much the same. Details concerning the tiers and hierarchy of releases featuring the very special limited edition pieces will be revealed upon store opening. I want my work to be more than something you hang on your wall in your house or a gallery, it should be an experience. I hope my work is reflected upon, creates conversation and induces mood for years and years to come.
My online store will open January 23rd, 2019.
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