As we all deal with the changes to life with the coronavirus recently, I just want to say that we should all take this very seriously. Stay in if you can or as much as you can as we have to stop the spread so we can reduce the lives lost. This is not the time for conspiracy theories, this is the time for science. With that being said, we’re all stuck inside and I wanted to try to give a gift to everyone. I’m a creator, so that’s what I have to give. I’ve used my time inside to create something that may give us a sense normalcy or a brief distraction from this shit.

This is the gift of HARM and it can be fully streamed and downloaded for free by clicking above (just input $0 in the name your price after clicking download in player). I want you guys to be able to take this track with you and play it wherever you find your peace. I hope it grants you a spare moment to let your mind drift away from all of the world’s issues. Thank you to everyone who continues to support my art, we’re all in this together. Be safe.

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