“A concession speech like blood spit, weeping leech. What I’ve touched is rare and impaired. Purity paralyzed. Our triumphs and undoings won’t be remembered, drowned in indifference. Oblivion-baptized. I’m a burden to purity and your burden chose me.”

Whatever is reflecting back isn’t the same and viewing it from your perspective changes the (w)hole of the blame. Nothingness wrapped around your psyche, baptized and chastised. Guilty of thought crime from a god who let’s the vulnerable die. I’m criminalized and my ideas are serving time. They’re on their knees with the second hand swinging, specifically welting an existence so willing. I am self-discipline and there’s absolutely nothing akin. Nothing.

Purity Paralyzed has also contorted into a full spoken word track and it is fully downloadable for free. Enjoy the track above and if you want to take the track with you, it can be streamed and downloaded by using the “download”ย  link in the player above (just input $0 in the name your price after clicking “buy digital track” or if you’re doing okay and want to leave a tip, you may). I know everyone is going through hard times right now, so I hope this track takes your mind off the world for a bit. Thank you to everyone who continues to support my art and if you enjoy this track, please share it with others who might appreciate it.

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