“Weak wrists reaching out, intimate and distant. Withholding you close, pouring deprived. Wrists widening, crashing waves, wet-pour this time. Dance before me until your fluids harden, rusted smeared shrines.”

Choking life into you, your eyes never seemed so alive. You’re pouring water like the waves of the sea, this is what’s special about you and me. Humanity’s so fragile, I found you damaged and I’ll leave you damaged, never broken. Crashing waves, slaves to the ocean. Your mind mirroring what I give it, subjective abuse and chase. This is but a vessel of dystrophy. Thin skinned and thick sin, laid side by side. Eyeing you up, retention demise. I’ll remember your face by the taste of the waves, black waters absorbing anatomies in the night.

It is with great pleasure that I release The Weak Wrists of Humanity for you all to hear. It is available for free, but if you’re doing okay and appreciate what I do, pay what you’re comfortable with. [evil tips smiled upon and encouraged $6.66, $16.66, $26.66 etc…]
Lately I have seen my work in multiple dimensions with these audio pieces closing out each piece. As with the tracks before, I felt the need to create these spoken word styled compositions that walked a line between song and performance art, but this one pushed me further into the song direction. Sometimes certain pieces emote and beg for certain things and I always let them direct my hand. I pulled elements from the writing piece, but didn’t feel it necessary to include every line like others. I made a creative decision to only be able to record vocal takes a maximum of twice to really live in the moment of performance and let that raw nature show through. I created melodies with the writings and let things structurally fall into place naturally without overthinking or second guessing. I have put a lot of thought into the idea of letting my work, ideas and concepts dictate to me what is needed and this is just a further extension of that. I worked really, really hard on this one and I truly hope you enjoy it. I’m beyond grateful for all of you who appreciate what I do. Behold!

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