As I sit here writing this in seclusion on a night I’ve waited so very long for, it’s quite surreal. The moon is almost full and you will be reading this then. It’s easy to say that I have survived a lot to get to this point as an artist, but it’s harder to put into words the honor, privilege and most of all responsibility I feel to continue to create thought-provoking work for myself and for whoever is reading this. Tonight is the culmination of every night I chose my pen over sleep. It’s for the days I could barely move to create when I was battling depression literally lying on the floor next to my keyboard writing melodies. When it comes to creating, I have always put my entire being through whatever piece I was working on at the time and tonight is resounding proof of that. Countless hours, crippling feelings, disgusting lows and a few overwhelming highs, much like the feeling I have tonight, were strewn about the path in which I paved to this unveiling. You followed that path and now you’re here. Thank you so much for every message, every thought, every confession and every positive or negative response to my work. I value reactions on the widest ends of the spectrum, always.

Here at IAMUNLIKEYOU you will find every piece I’ve ever written over the past ten months along with the video companion pieces marrying them together in their relevant posts. Please take the time to navigate and comment on your favorite pieces here. Don’t forget to signup for the mailing list as well. This next and final chapter of my work is here and I want you all to be a part of it.

Travis Trium Perfectum is my final shape, my final name and my assorted sufferings are my splintered body of work. The moon has ushered me in and this place will serve as my home where my many pieces can stand on their own for those who wish to view them. Tonight, I am but an unlikely flower blooming through a noose-bouquet. I am fucking proud and IAMHOME.

Love for those deserving, always.

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