“You’re layered in never will be’s and lines dividing your misery. Unconscious, unconsciously.”

I want to remind your weakest moment to visit your mind. It vibrates between thoughts before it copies, echoes and thickens resembling spoon-fed comforts. Your vulnerability is what I will play with, like strings connected to your spine. Bending and mending, trauma and stars align. Your back like piano keys, vertebrae minor chords. I’ll strike them all. You forget my control over mood and I want to remind you, your weakest moment hasn’t happened yet. Your “never again” is painted over in your favorite color, regret.

**UPDATE 12.31.20**
It’s the final day of 2020 and I usually look back at my year and my creations on this day, but decided I wanted to put something new out instead. You Forget is a song that grew out of and inspired by my latest piece, You’re Layered in Never Will Be’s. This new track definitely weaves through everything I love creatively, from beauty to malevolence creating a contrast I seem to continually call home. You Forget is the first track I have set a minimum price for download. I absolutely battled with that because I want as many people to have and enjoy my work as possible, but at the same time this year has been very tough for me as an artist. If you can afford to purchase the track, do so, and if you can afford to give a little more, I will be forever grateful. So, please let me know what you think of it and here’s to 2021! I hope we get back to the normalcy we crave and I look forward to exhibiting my work in person again.

Love for those deserving.

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