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Copper-Flavored Affection

"If you didn't relive your past traumas, you wouldn't live at all. Teeth gliding against your skin tainting truth pigments. Your teeth only grind. A jaw embrace, the only love you fucking knew. A jagged-jaded hug harming whatever it circles stalked by copper-flavored affection. Time only deprives purity from lifeย  and I'm gonna leak you dry." Time only deprives purity from life. Whisper it under your breath. Words sinking to the weight of your oxygen taking you much lower. What is the thought that made you realize that after having it you would never be the same? Was the moment......

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Timeless Chapter

The weather has finally turned cold just when I thought the heat may never end. To me, there has always been something special about fall that I have continually aligned with the peak of creativity. It has a smell that lends itself to being easily attached to memory and that can't magnify the good and bad. Fall is a bookmark for me. A re-readable almost timeless chapter that seems to repeat where the characters may change and the ideas become more refined, but it has undeniably the same arousing feel. Since the release and announcement of IAMUNLIKEYOU back on the......

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IAMHOME – Welcome

As I sit here writing this in seclusion on a night I've waited so very long for, it's quite surreal. The moon is almost full and you will be reading this then. It's easy to say that I have survived a lot to get to this point as an artist, but it's harder to put into words the honor, privilege and most of all responsibility I feel to continue to create thought-provoking work for myself and for whoever is reading this. Tonight is the culmination of every night I chose my pen over sleep. It's for the days I could......

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We Mustn’t Rush

"Waiting for the neverending and plaguing over the temptation to end ourselves. You're fucking ripe and ready to be cut, but this moment only comes once, we mustn't rush." I couldn't believe how beautiful it was to make you wait. To make you beg. I wept until my tears walked down a path drowning a second face. It's almost as if they were coming home, taking a direction they only knew, much like I will be soon. These final days seem to be the most important, waiting for the purity to ripen before cutting it like a surgeon. Removing the......

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Symmetry Hole

"One thousand thoughts failing through, but none like mine. Rewind, rewind every second more unlike you as death's diluted with god's sunshine. Your scribble-pad soul, waiting for me to write, waiting for me to write your wrongs. Sitting so empty, posed in a symmetry hole. With my see-through palms I can never be whole. Keep waiting for me, keep waiting for me. I'll get it right. I'll get it, write." The rise I am coming upon is no accident. In fact, I have known of it for quite some time now. If gravity will even have them, let the churches......

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Ugly Lines

"I write in pen so I can't erase the ugly lines. The letters so powerless and thin, but within the words they are the vertebrates to the spine. I'm not sure what's important to the world, in fact I never really cared. What I do know is when you run your eyes down the spine of my work you'll never be spared." I have always chose to write in pen. It makes it more important. It makes each line in every letter a valuable movement towards a word and towards a line. Towards capturing an idea that you only have......

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Eager Wrist

"I was told to wait until the world spoke of me like I no longer exist. My view from purgatory of the world's eager wrist." Look up, look up, but down to see me. A reflection of the time that was, a time I didn't want to be. Existence was a burden, one that I burned down. I once wrote of a moon, one that didn't exist until now. The day is coming, but I won't show my face until the night. That certain moon will mark a final shape, one that the world cannot fight. I'm tired of watching......

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Automatic Writing

"I'll make you tremble as you try to whisper to me close. Give me all of your truths so I can run my tongue along your woes." Tremble, tremble then I'll disassemble. I know you take pride in never coming apart, but tonight I'll rip your pieces to the floor and I'll read them aloud. I'll wait for you to beg to stay close like a wave to the shore. The mirrors surrounding us to watch The Devil leave your body and then enter again. Always knocking three times just to make you open the door for him. You know......

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